Chasquis, in translation from Quechua  (or “Kichwa”), spoken by the indigenous peoples of South America, literally means messengers. The Chasquis were young, fit, highly-trained runners that were responsible for delivering messages, gifts and delicacies throughout the Inca Empire.


Our Chasquis message to you is one of smart choices, good health and nutrition, delivered in a simple and delicious form and so today we bring to you our Chasquis Natural Foods Inc. snacks.


Our wholesome snacks start with 100% organic quinoa as the nucleus. Absolutely no flours, no fillers, no other additives. Just uniquely puffed organic quinoa. Period.  Processed in a revolutionary way to preserve the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients from the quinoa seed.

We’ve reinvented snacks into delicious guilt-free bites!

Chasquis Natural Foods Inc.

 Unit 300G, 35 Yale Crescent

St. Catharines, ON

Canada L2R 2Y6 

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